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The Studio Tour’s ‘Dinner in the Great Hall’ events will take place on the 11 th , 12 th and 13 th December from 6pm until midnight and are open to over 18s only. Guests will be seated at tables of 10 or 12 and tickets are priced at £240pp. Tickets will go on sale on Tuesday 24 th October at 10am and be available to purchase online here.

Associated-Rediffusion was formed by a combination of Associated Newspapers and another combined company - British Electric Traction Company (.) and 'Broadcast Relay Service' who traded under the name 'Rediffusion.'  . was a very successful tram and bus company, believe it or not.  Perhaps not the obvious people to become involved in the early days of television but it seems that as a transport company they were worried that they might be taken into public ownership by the 1946 Labour government.  Therefore they diversified by taking over Rediffusion, whilst allowing that company to continue trading as a separate company.  Their considerable financial resources were to prove crucial in the first year of ITV's activity.

Joris de Man recently visited the studio to record choir for the critically acclaimed PlayStation action role-play game Horizon Zero Dawn.

Thanks for your attention to the rush note in my order. So many businesses would ignore such a thing and I appreciate the personal attention. That was much faster than expected. Thanks!

Robert Peston hosts this live political magazine show, discussing the news events of the week with politicians and public figures.

According to an interview with Phil Taylor (Gilmour's guitar technician), [6] the studio on the Astoria was originally equipped with a DDA AMR 24 mixer console and UREI 813 studio main monitors with Phase Linear amps. The UREI 813s were replaced around 1990 by ATC main monitors. Customized ATC SCM150ASL active speakers are used for the main left and right channels with a standard ATC SCM150ASL active speaker used as the centre channel . The centre channel sits above an ATC -15 subwoofer. The surround monitors are two ATC SCM50ASLs. A variety of near-field monitor speakers are used including Yamaha NS-10s and Auratones depending on who happens to be working at the studio. The acoustic design was done with the assistance of Nick Whitaker, an independent acoustician, and much of the equipment was recommended by James Guthrie and Andrew Jackson . Nowadays the Astoria has a Neve 88R mixing console, as well as three Studer A827 multi-tracks and Ampex ATR-100 tape recorders, which were modified by Tim de Paravicini , Esoteric Audio Research's (EAR) founder. The conversion to a studio also required 23 kilometres of cables, which were sourced from Van den Hul cables of Holland. There are various compressors from Pye and EAR 660 tube designs, as well as EAR 825s for EQ.

The album 'With You In Mind' is the second CD to be released by the Empress Orchestra. It is a unique album filled with new and exciting music to inspire the world's finest. 18 tracks of Ballroom and Latin American music with 12 original compositions available nowhere else in the world.

London Studio Orchestra Industrial ProjectLondon Studio Orchestra Industrial ProjectLondon Studio Orchestra Industrial ProjectLondon Studio Orchestra Industrial Project