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The motive soon becomes obvious too. As Harrison describes his neighbor's despondency, the detective can tell the case will be easily solved. Follow-up interviews with children and acquaintances confirm the narrative: Family strife. Declining health. A stroke. Death, perhaps, is merciful for everyone.

Hey, is that the new Harry Potter book? Can I borrow that when you’re done? I can read it instead of the copy of the Amazing Adventures of Cavalier and Clay that a friend loaned me three months ago…

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A city woman was arraigned Tuesday on charges she attempted to cash checks that did not belong to her.

John Patrick Caldwell (vocals, harmonica) Roger Law (guitar) Charles Faulkner (bass) Hugh Lockhead (drums) Donnie McDougall (guitar, vocals) Les Law (guitar, replaced ...

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While Tucker and Alan bemoan their situation over breakfast - unemployed and all but unemployable, ill-prepared by school for life in the real world - Tommy encounters Allison and walks her home, carrying one of her shopping bags. She's upset with him for leaving her at the party last night. Tommy explains that he was taken ill, and she softens a bit, telling him that she had even saved the last dance for him. Passmore comes on the scene, though, accompanied by Brains, one of his gang. They chase Tommy away. Tommy escapes on a bus, still carrying Allison's shopping bag, then throws up again.

Mother Tuckers Yellow Duck Times Are ChangingMother Tuckers Yellow Duck Times Are ChangingMother Tuckers Yellow Duck Times Are ChangingMother Tuckers Yellow Duck Times Are Changing