Visitors take it or leave it - Direction to take annual leave during a shut down - Fair.

All players are reminded that it is their responsibility to be insured against accident and injury. Players are reminded to take care when descending slopes around the course. Replace divots, place all rubbish in the bins provided, repair pitch marks and leave rakes in bunkers after use. Please leave the course the way you expect to find it.

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Pho Tai Nam Gau with crispy fat at Pho Binh along White Oak is a good way to warm up on a cold day or night. Bonus points for saving room for tacos next door at Tacos a Go Go.

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You can still drive into a number of areas of the park including Juniper Campground, Tsankawi, and to the many trails outside of Frijoles Canyon. Remember the park closes at sunset, so plan to leave before that time. Last shuttle leave the Frijoles Canyon Visitor Center at 5 PM.

Patients should have a written ‘transition plan’, which outlines the timing of key phases of the transition process, the expected time for the eventual transfer and details of any specific concerns, queries or requirements that you and your teenager have in relation to the move to adult services.
You and your teenager should receive information about the adult service, contact details for staff there, how the service is organised and how the adult services differ from our services.

No. You must be there in person in order to make a VAT-free purchase, although you do not have to pay for the goods yourself.

6. Support
Design, messaging, print, mailing, fulfilment, data capture, warehousing & storage – all available through your Business Development Manager.

Visitors Take It Or Leave ItVisitors Take It Or Leave ItVisitors Take It Or Leave ItVisitors Take It Or Leave It