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The poster for the indie horror film The Descent used the same photo as its inspiration. And now you'll never look at Jodie Foster's mouth the same way again.

But since you did, you've only raised more questions. Why would humans have been developing the Terminators when, in The Terminator , Kyle Reese said that it was the robots who actually designed and built them as a way to infiltrate the humans? Why, about 20 years after crushing the humans, would Skynet honor the inferior humans' choice of face when it came time to build the Terminators? Are we assuming the deep-voiced man with the Austrian accent recorded his voice for the project before Skynet became self-aware and gunned him down?

The Centre was originally supplied with 2 separate feeds from the national grid, in case one went down.  Later, one of these was withdrawn by the electricity supplier when Battersea Power Station was closed and the one remaining feed did indeed fail on at least three occasions to my knowledge.  To cope with this, emergency generators were installed for vital areas such as news and presentation and the power plant that originally only heated the water was, during the 1980s, replaced with two gas turbines that were intended to generate electricity as well as providing hot water and cooled air as a by-product.  This system is known as 'combined heat and power' or CHP.  Unfortunately, the system never worked.  (Their history of unreliability is probably a suitable subject for another website or book.)  On this very subject I have been contacted by Andrew Prince...

I would like to praise you in the two scenes in the Titan dvd entitled
” Jury Duty”. The pairing of you and Roman Wright was very intense,
passionate and erotic. I could really see what passion both of you had
with each other.

Interestingly enough, and is it usually is with human innovation a frenchmen under the name of  Daguerre has claimed to have come up with a similar photographic innovation  which was actually much clearer than that of Talbot, however his innovation didn't lend itself to making copies of each picture. 

Stupid Set Marconi Connection Rangoon Patrol Heart Of StateStupid Set Marconi Connection Rangoon Patrol Heart Of StateStupid Set Marconi Connection Rangoon Patrol Heart Of StateStupid Set Marconi Connection Rangoon Patrol Heart Of State