The corvairs true true love hey sally mae - A Picture review of the Chevrolet Corvair - Old Car and.

At 19-feet in length, the license plate says it all: BIG BLEU. This 1977 Ford LTD II Wagon is one big, beautiful blue car. This unusual-to-see-today haulin’ machine is listed on Hemmings with an asking price… more»

The fact that larger displacement engine kits are basically nonexistent for Corvairs makes it tough to extract more power from one of these engines, but that's just the beginning. Knowing what's required and how to do the custom work involved is the biggest challenge. To begin with, the engines of choice for buggy applications are the 140 hp-rated 164 cu. in. engine from a 1965-69 is the most desirable engine to use because it has better cylinder heads than the earlier 110 hp, 164 cu. in. design. The major differences with the heads are the valve size and valve angle, as well as the intake port design. Actually, intake design differences are not that important since the stock plenum runners are removed and individual runners are built and adapted to the heads in most cases by performance enthusiasts. These direct runners are better since they flow more air and the design is more efficient for performance applications.

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Driver’s door dent has been partially pulled out, you get a spare door as well.  There is rot behind the front fenders, and in the c-pillars—right pillar is pretty bad, but I have a replacement you can weld in. 

Initially, the 95 series lineup included a Corvan panel van, Greenbriar passenger van, Loadside truck with a traditional rear tailgate, and a Rampside, with both a rear tailgate and bottom-hinged door on the passenger side that dropped down and transformed into a ramp. The side ramp door was covered on top with a rubber shield to protect it when the ramp was lowered.

The Corvairs True True Love Hey Sally MaeThe Corvairs True True Love Hey Sally MaeThe Corvairs True True Love Hey Sally MaeThe Corvairs True True Love Hey Sally Mae