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Hoping to disperse the rebellion before any real damage could be done, the king sent a small host of his royal contingents to quell the rebellion. [19] The royal forces were led by Sir Humphrey and William Stafford. The royal forces underestimated the rebels' strength and were led into an ambush at Sevenoaks. In the skirmish on 18 June 1450, the two Stafford brothers were killed. Cade took the expensive clothing and armour of Sir Humphrey as his own. [20] On 28 June, William Ayscough the unpopular Bishop of Salisbury was murdered by a mob in Wiltshire. William Ayscough had been the king's personal confessor and his position next to the king had allowed him to become one of the most powerful men in the country. [21] Afraid that he might meet the same fate and shocked by the rebel's military ability, the king sought refuge in Warwickshire . Gaining confidence through their victory the rebels advanced to Southwark , at the southern end of London Bridge . Cade set up headquarters in The White Hart inn before crossing the bridge and entering the city with his followers on 3 July 1450. To prevent any infringement on his comings and goings within the city Cade cut the ropes on the bridge so that they could not be raised against him. [22] Upon entering London, Cade stopped at the London Stone . He struck the stone with his sword and declared himself Lord Mayor in the traditional manner. By striking the stone, Cade had symbolically reclaimed the country for the Mortimers to whom he claimed to be related. Once inside the city's gates, Cade and his men initiated a series of tribunals dedicated to seeking out and convicting those accused of corruption. At Guildhall , James Fiennes, 1st Baron Saye and Sele , the Lord High Treasurer, was brought in for a sham trial. Upon being found guilty of treason he was taken to Cheapside and beheaded. [23] Fiennes' son-in-law William Crowmer was also executed by the rebels. The heads of the two men were put on pikes and unceremoniously paraded through the streets of London while their bearers pushed them together so that they appeared to kiss. [24] Their heads were then affixed to London Bridge. [25]

Lancaster Homebrew has everything you need for beer brewing and wine making. Whether shopping on-line or visiting our store in Lancaster , PA, we can help with

Lancaster County has an abundance of traditional, wholesome foods that are favorites of both locals and visitors. Sweet treats, such as shoofly pie and whoopie pies, and fresh homemade fruit spreads and jams, are closely tied to the PA Dutch country food culture.

When you’re ready to take a break from shopping and grab a pick-me-up, you’ll find nine restaurants conveniently located right inside the outlet mall complex, including family favorites like Olive Garden, Ruby Tuesday, and Cracker Barrel. On Saturdays, our free trolley service offers a comfortable ride throughout our outlet mall, so you can shop without your feet getting tired!

Building regions: a resource-based view of a policy-led knowledge exchange network
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Journal article

Jack Lancaster Skinningrove Bay TS134JQJack Lancaster Skinningrove Bay TS134JQJack Lancaster Skinningrove Bay TS134JQJack Lancaster Skinningrove Bay TS134JQ