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Do you know if there’s a movie out there with so much italian cult actors/writer in it??!! I mean Silvia Dionisio, Zora Kerova, Gianluigi Chirizzi, Roberto Caporali, Carlo De Mejo, Venantino Venantini !!!
The writing credits to George Eastman with the music of Marcello Giombini ??! WOW!!!!!!

Born 7-8-1928 in Rome (Italy) / Died 12-12-2003 in Assisi (Italy). Marcello Giombini was a composer of secular music and film music as well as being interested in electronic music. Marcello Giombini established himself especially in the sixties and the seventies as satisfy and creative maker in the renewal of the religious music also in liturgical area. He was also composer of many soundtrack for movies, especially of genre “Spaghetti western” and he was a "pioneer" in Italy of the electronic… read more

Marcello Giombini (24 July 1928 – 12 December 2003) was an Italian composer, who scored many spaghetti westerns , Italian horror and giallo movies, and 1960s peplum films. He is best remembered for his score to the original Sabata (1969), which starred Lee Van Cleef .

Marcello Giombini OvergroundMarcello Giombini OvergroundMarcello Giombini OvergroundMarcello Giombini Overground