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Learn to advocate for your self in court and get involved in advocating for policy reform to help all children and families.

April Sheridan you speak such lies! Show me proof of what you say before spouting off atrocities as you just have. You must be an atheist to actually say the things you are because you understand nothing.

Involved fatherhood benefits mothers as well as children. In general, the mothers we interviewed wanted the men to be actively involved fathers and felt that intervention work had developed the men’s capacities to nurture and take domestic responsibility. Mothers felt that intervention brought considerable benefits to themselves, by helping to produce men who shared parenting, and were physically and emotionally available to them. (2004, p153)

Parent involvement in schools has traditionally been carried out by mothers. Yet boys and girls need positive, male role models. When fathers take an active role in education, schools report an increase in student achievement.

5. All this should make us intensely committed to EDUCATION FOR EXULTATION - at home and at church. Great and lasting things are at stake for future generations not only because of what we teach, but also because of what we are.

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Fathers Children Hollywood DreamingFathers Children Hollywood DreamingFathers Children Hollywood DreamingFathers Children Hollywood Dreaming