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Humans are survivors, tough and resilient, descended from those who built a Golden Age only to see it ripped away. Now, after an age of retreat and desperate struggle, they fight to take back their solar system and claim a new future.

There are those who believe the Traveler chose Earth for a reason. Now it is humanity's obligation to prove itself worthy of the Traveler's faith.

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Some time later and unbeknownst to Crowley, Amara left Hell to explore the Earth and observe the humans. Her travels eventually brought her to Fall River, Massachusetts where she came across the Lizzie Borden Hotel and Museum as well as the Lizzie Borden super-fan Len. After chatting with him briefly, Amara then devoured Len's soul, which subsequently extinguished his passion for Borden altogether and robbed him of his conscience. Amara then continued a spree of soul-devouring both in the hotel and in the surrounding area, resulting in a short series of gruesome axe murders by one of her victims which were initially believed the work of the ghost of Lizzie herself by the Winchesters, who had come to Fall River to investigate. The streak ended when Len saved the brothers by axing the real killer in the back while she had Sam at gunpoint and the Winchesters left Fall River to pursue Amara, but as they drove away, Amara emerged from out of a treeline, smiled and simply said "Thank you, Dean", evoking her earlier promise that Dean would always help her in the end. [10]

The story explores real racial brutality, and the author never shies away from the town's overt racism or the mob violence that was considered acceptable -- so long as it was directed at African-Americans. Because each chapter is told from a different point of view, with Naomi and Wash having the most perspectives, Perez is able to delve fully into the psyches of even the antagonist and "The Gang," the voice that stands in for the white community of students. By no means is this an easy read; at times readers may need a box of tissues to manage the emotional nature of the last third of the story. But don't let that stop you; it's not only beautifully written but may start a powerful conversation about the injustices of the past and how they affect the present.

by Anne Basye Sherry Bryant had already been a social worker for 10 years when her son, Todd, took his life in 1993. Her graduate and professional education had ...

Out Of Darkness Out Of DarknessOut Of Darkness Out Of DarknessOut Of Darkness Out Of DarknessOut Of Darkness Out Of Darkness