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Ain't no time to pussy-foot around with meaning. Depeche Mode are sick of the angry right, and they want you to do something about it. This ethereal dance song is a straight up rallying cry for action. “Come on, people, you're letting me down,” Gore sings, and doesn't it make you feel some type of way? The thought-provoking video was directed by long-time collaborator Anton Corbijn, and features stockinged men in Nazi-like uniforms waving flags before the band's mirthless mugs. “Where's The Revolution” comes from the band's most recent release Spirit. Hey, there's still time to get on board, folks. Revolution, anybody?

Question: What has 55 videos—some directed by Julien Temple, Clive Richardson and Anton Corbijn—and is spread across three DVDs? Answer: Why, it’s Depeche Mode’s Video Singles Collection , of course. But wait a minute. DVD? Is that like an 8-track or something? The up side is production costs probably were low enough to cover mechanical rights, some restoration, and production in a medium that has become fairly inexpensive to use in 2016, therefore making it affordable to release such a hefty video collection. But given the great talents involved—Julien Temple, Anton Corbijn, and let’s not forget Depeche Mode with the alt left vocals of David Gahan—and considering this is a group with influential, memorable music clips, perhaps blu-ray might have added even more weight to this otherwise enjoyable release. Then again, you do get “People Are People,” “Strangelove,” “Personal Jesus” and its 2011 upgrade. Plus the sound is excellent, so who’s complaining? These sing-alongs string along beyond nostalgia, telling the story of a Basildon, Essex, New Wave band that later helped energize Europe’s New Romantic genre of the ’80s as it inspired new acts for decades to come.

Well, my son Jimmy, who is 24, he was kind of shocked by it... He was one of the first to say, “You got to make a response immediately.” Because people read s--t -- unfortunately, as we know -- and they interpret it as being real. It’s hard these days, because you really do have to search what you’re reading and where that information came from.

The remastered version of the album was released on "deluxe" vinyl 30 March 2007 in Germany and 1 October 2007 internationally.

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Depeche Mode The Meaning Of Love El Significado Del AmorDepeche Mode The Meaning Of Love El Significado Del AmorDepeche Mode The Meaning Of Love El Significado Del AmorDepeche Mode The Meaning Of Love El Significado Del Amor