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Sometimes there’s nothing more frustrating than having a sudden food craving for something from a restaurant that’s been out of business for a decade. Unfortunately a particular signature hamburger or special recipe pizza sauce can leave a powerful mental imprint that long outlasts the lifespan of the product.

This is a beautifully decorated hotel with heart and soul. We had a suite on the second floor, very generous. The decor is stunning,with indoor fish pond and soaring atrium. The breakfast room was amazing. Art work and curios galore. The Red Rose bar and resturant downstairs was great. The staff are fantastic, Ruby, Joy and Petch particularly. The Peking Duck was amazing. So close to everything we walked to markets and attractions. Such a different and enjoyable experience! Would highly recommend.

Sweet is later involved in a shootout with various Ballas members, who attack in seemingly endless waves of vans. He is shot during the shootout, but is saved from a premature death, due to the assistance of Carl and three other Grove Street Families members, although Carl does inform Sweet of the betrayal of Big Smoke and Ryder and their alliance with Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski of . The police show up on the scene and arrest both Sweet and Carl. Sweet is later imprisoned in a prison hospital "upstate" but Carl is taken to Whetstone by Tenpenny, Pulaski and Jimmy Hernandez and begins his life in exile in the rural part of the state of San Andreas .

Odean is a very clean and rather discreet restaurant located behind Wat Traimit, in a small street near the Chinese gate of Odeon circle in Chinatown. Obviously it should have been called Odeon restaurant but it joined the many charming typos in Bangkok with the name 'Odean'. This is not just another noodle soup joint as a bowl can cost as much as 500 baht!  The noodles are usually just traditional yellow egg noodles and the soup is light and clear... So what is their secret ingredient?

The spring cleaning : sau uk
Removing the old years’ dirt and dust is symbolic as well as practical. Much-neglected repairs and maintenance of the house is taken care of. Many choose to give the house a complete face lift with a new coat of paint. The material renovation signifies spiritual as well as social renewal. But more important, spring-cleaning gives a chance for a new beginning year after year. Shortcomings and disappointments of the old year are swept away and once again the heart is renewed with hope that the coming year will be a better one. Hence, nothing is left untouched as the house is swept from top to bottom.

Serving kopitiam favourites, whether it is the shrimp and pork dumplings, wan tan mee or soup noodles with beef tripe, everything tastes good, plus the restaurant’s strategic location and affordable prices prove to be a great pulling factor.

This multi-denominational, multi-lingual church has served immigrants here for more than two centuries. The building was erected in 1801 by a Lutheran congregation. By the time the spire was added in the 1860s, the church was Roman Catholic with a congregation of Irish and Italian immigrants. The church is still Roman Catholic but its congregation is mainly Chinese making it one of the largest Chinese Roman Catholic congregation in the Western world.  Sermons are held in English as well as two dialects of Chinese, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Today in our proudly cosmopolitan community, there is a sharing of culture and blending of knowledge and roots. We pay tribute to our forefathers who helped make it so. This short history has been compiled from excerpts from the following books: Cathay of the North by Frances Chan The Chinese in the Northern Territory by Timothy G Jones Beyond Chinatown by Diana Giese Sweet & Sour compiled by the Museum and Art Gallery of the NT.

Chinatown Short And Sweet How Many TimesChinatown Short And Sweet How Many TimesChinatown Short And Sweet How Many TimesChinatown Short And Sweet How Many Times