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The mix usually included on house music compilations is the 5:38 "Farley Remix #2", originally released on a DJ International Records sampler, which combines the intro from the Houseappella mix and elements from the House Remix.

He was one of the first people along with Todd Terry to make tracks that fused hip-hop and early house music. He was making DJ tracks with samples and drum machines and using the obvious hip-hop source material. He saw what happened in England -- he was like, "I have to do this now." You get a real sense that every party was a progression from the last party. The Storm Raves were just pure mayhem. People would slam dance and it was so different for anywhere else. The music is getting louder and more obnoxious. You can map the progression of the scene through those parties all through '92. And the Storm Raves were the bellwether in many ways.

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Just imagine how wonderful and fascinating this phenomenon is! Music has its own long history, in which many people’s fates are determined. It has rooted not only in our everyday life, but in our souls as well. Sometimes even a very astute person cannot see the hidden grain and penetrate into the depths of the soul. That’s what music motifs can do. They reveal us from within, kindle in us the passion for changes and discoveries. Audiophiles would agree that the world changes significantly when you turn off you MP3 Player and take the headphones off. But even in these moments we have music on our minds.

Below are tracklists compiled from early mixes found at . They illustrate the wide range of music Chicago youth called “house.” Additions and corrections are welcome.

Farley got his start in the music industry in 1981 as a one of the original members of the Hot Mix 5, a DJ team at WBMX-FM FM, Oak Park, Chicago (original members of Kenny "Jammin" Jason, Mickey "Mixin" Oliver, Scott "Smokin" Silz, Farely "Funkin" Keith and Ralphi "Rockin" Rosario). He was a guest DJ at The Warehouse nightclub, and was a resident DJ at The Playground, which later became The Candy Store and later La Mirage.

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Farley Jackmaster Funk Jessie Saunders Love Cant Turn AroundFarley Jackmaster Funk Jessie Saunders Love Cant Turn AroundFarley Jackmaster Funk Jessie Saunders Love Cant Turn AroundFarley Jackmaster Funk Jessie Saunders Love Cant Turn Around