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Around this time, Dylan was womanizing up a storm. (All in the name of art, of course.) One of his many flings was British soul singer Dana Gillespie (left), who recalled, "I guess he was juggling women, like most musicians." Gillespie remembered an episode in which Dylan borrowed her pants and left her in his hotel room: "I was stuck in my underwear because he had taken my trousers. He could fit into mine, but I couldn't fit into his. I had to sit in the hotel waiting for him to come back. He said, ‘I'll only be a few hours.' It was about fifteen hours before he came back." But she liked him anyway: "He's amusing, he's spiritual. Women prefer to be seduced by a brain than bullock. Brains go a hell of a long way."

Personnel: Bob Dylan - guitar, piano, harmonica, vocals Robbie Robertson - guitar, drums, vocals Rick Danko - bass, fiddle, vocals Richard Manuel - piano, drums, vocals

Bob Dylan first came East in February, 1961. His destination: the Greystone Hospital in New Jersey. His purpose: to visit the long-ailing Woody Guthrie, singer, ballad-maker and poet. It was the beginning of a deep friendship between the two. Although they were separated by thirty years and two generations, they were united by a love of music, a kindred sense of humor and a common view toward the world.

So why wasn't this material released until 1975? The deal with MGM fell through (and they collapsed a few years later anyway) and Dylan had a new contract with Columbia, and so John Wesley Harding was released instead. The basement tapes songs couldn't go to waste, so they were sent out to various artists for demo purposes. But then why didn't Dylan just re-record the basement tapes songs with the Nashville musicians for John Wesley Harding ? I don't know. Maybe by that time he was bored with the whole project, or maybe he still held out hopes of releasing a definitive Basement Tapes album.

Bob Dylan Troubled TroubadorBob Dylan Troubled TroubadorBob Dylan Troubled TroubadorBob Dylan Troubled Troubador