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SILENT LIGHT (Tour) Dominic’s Silent Light tour begins April 23rd 2018.

All the tracks except "Guardian Angel" were recorded live at The Warfield Theatre on 5 December 1980, in San Francisco ; "Guardian Angel" was recorded at Minot Sound, in White Plains, New York .

Egberto Gismonti  (b. 1947) is widely recognized as one of Brazil's most influential musicians. His diverse, illustrious career began almost five decades ago, and throughout it he has released over sixty albums, including his original compositions as well as several as producer and arranger. He has written for ballet and film and has collaborated with artists throughout Europe, Brazil, and the US.  His work reflects the musical diversity of Brazil, from the Amazon Indian  batuque to the Carioca  samba  and  choro , through the Northeastern  frevo ,  baião , and  forró .

Egberto Gismonti SoloEgberto Gismonti SoloEgberto Gismonti SoloEgberto Gismonti Solo