Sargeant malone moving up - Welsh politician Carl Sargeant dies days after sacking.

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1. Octopus, Feather Star, Antarctic krill - Antarctic peninsular
2. Bluntnose Sixgill Sharks, Scabbard Fish, Sperm Whale, Spider Crab, Toothed Rock Crab, Zombie Worms - The Azores
3. Lanternfish, Humboldt Squid  - Chile
4. Venus Flower Basket, Wedding Shrimp Swordfish  - Galapagos, Ecuador
5. Cock-eyed Squid, Pacific Barreleye, Anglerfish, Fangtooth, Lanternfish, Siphonophore, Pelagic Sea Cucumber, Longfin Dragonfish, Flapjack Octopus, Giant Tubeworms - Atlantic Coast, USA
6. Bioluminescent Shrimp, Cutthroat Eels, Chaunax  - Pacific Coast, USA
7. Ethereal Snailfish, Seapig, Seastar, Bristle Worm - Pacific Ocean
8. White Vent Shrimp, Deep Sea Squat Lobster (Hoff Crabs) - Atlantic Ocean
9. Pyrosome, Oceanic Whitetip Shark - Australia

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Husband Keith was last of draftees from Ohio, deployed from Ft Gordon, GA as MP. Stationed off Army base near Machinato across binjo ditch and Army stockade overlooking the East China Sea. Rented from Okinawa family. Loved going out low tide to gather rare shells, taking bus up to Koza but only during day hours since I was not welcomed as a "round eye" Americal woman

“These are the darkest days any of us can remember in this institution, but they are darkest of all for the family,” he said.

Sargeant Malone Moving UpSargeant Malone Moving UpSargeant Malone Moving Up