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It would appear, at least so far, that Peter Strzok is willing to fall on his sword and take the blame for steering/manipulating the 2016 FBI investigation of Clinton’s emails; perhaps in an effort to protect James Comey.  However, will James Comey get caught in the Russian Conspiracy sting?  Too soon to tell.

Shoulder season represents April, May, September, and October. In these months, the bulk of tourist destinations are ramping up or winding down and the overall feel is a bit slower around the country. Hours of operation can be irregular and need to be double-checked.

The staff is fine. The hotel is clean and of great quality. It's not horrible. Except the food is very average. It is Island style. My best memories are from off the resort.

Some of these issues were estimated statistically in the HUMEX study. [23] Ehlmann and others have reviewed political and economic concerns, as well as technological and biological feasibility aspects. [24] While fuel for roundtrip travel could be a challenge, methane and oxygen can be produced using Martian H 2 O (preferably as water ice instead of liquid water) and atmospheric CO 2 with mature technology. [25]

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[as they are getting ready to go out for the night]
Lisa Cooper: Almost ready.
[the other girls shake their head at her boring looking outfit]
Lisa Cooper: What? This is hand stitched embroidery from a tribe in Guatemala.
Dina: So are they not fucking in Guatemala?

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We Who Are Last Trip Remember WhenWe Who Are Last Trip Remember WhenWe Who Are Last Trip Remember WhenWe Who Are Last Trip Remember When