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(6) Avoid drastic changes as OPSEC countermeasures are implemented. Changes in procedures alone will indicate to the adversary that there is an operation or exercise starting.

IN 2010, SAM BROWNBACK  rode the Tea Party wave into the Kansas governorship, pledging to turn the state into a bulwark against President Barack Obama’s big-government liberalism. By 2012, through aggressive backroom politicking, he pressured hesitant moderate Republicans in the legislature to join conservatives in passing a radical tax plan that eliminated the state’s top income tax bracket, drastically slashed rates, and instituted an outright income tax exemption for limited liability companies—a huge tax break for a tiny segment of the population. Conversely, in a nod to “fiscal responsibility,” the plan did away with a number of tax credits that benefited low- and middle-income Kansans. Moderate Republicans in the Senate had thought they’d be able to engineer a less-extreme version of the cuts while in a conference committee with the House. They didn’t, and days later, Brownback signed into law perhaps the most radical version of trickle-down economics any state had ever embraced.

Today, Hope is a retired Anglican priest. [1] He retired from Immanuel Anglican Church , a member congregation of the Anglican Mission in America , in Destin, Florida in 2013. He is currently the head of Worship, Evangelism and Outreach. [2] He is also bassist for the praise band The IRS, and currently working to produce a local secular group with old friends. Dave is still close with the members of Kansas and has been known to play the encore of their shows when he attends. He is also husband to Diana Hope and father to Zoie Hope. Update: Local group Group Therapy is playing in Destin regularly.

The above tips are sure to help many individuals find their way out of debt. However, there isn’t a quick fix or simple cure to the dilemma: the solution requires hard work and discipline. And while the above steps may seem drastic, remember that once the debt is paid off, quite a bit more can be enjoyed, in terms of non-necessary spending—all in-place of the cost of the debt’s interest!

Kansas Drastic MeasuresKansas Drastic MeasuresKansas Drastic MeasuresKansas Drastic Measures