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Martha and the Muffins' 1981 album This is the Ice Age , produced by Daniel Lanois and the band, was recorded in Toronto and Hamilton, Ontario . More experimental than previous efforts, it also gained significant Canadian radio airplay from the singles "Women Around the World at Work" (a No. 24 hit in Canada, peaking on November 7 of the same year on the RPM national singles chart) and "Swimming". Shortly after the album's release, Tim Gane decided he did not want to tour, and left the band; he was replaced by new drummer Nick Kent.

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I completely agree that home ec (and other real life skills) should be a part of school curriculum! Home ec was already phasing out of my small school district because of funding cuts when I was in high school, and they focused more on teenage life coping skills than anything else the one year I did take it. Cooking came in the form of boxed cake mixes, but now it’s not available at all 🙁 Thanks for this post, it’s good food for thought! (Ha, see what I did there, lol) also, those muffins look delicious! 🙂

Written while Mark Gane was working checking wallpaper for printing faults. Echo Beach is not a real place but a symbolic idea of where the narrator would rather be.

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Martha And The Muffins This Is The Ice AgeMartha And The Muffins This Is The Ice AgeMartha And The Muffins This Is The Ice AgeMartha And The Muffins This Is The Ice Age