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The seaweed doesn't get nutrients from soil, like a plant, the company's lawyer argued. Rather, it absorbs nutrients directly from the sea, like marine organisms.

Birch foliage is used as a food plant by the larvae of a large number of lepidopteran ( butterflies and moths ) species.

A tsunami followed. The blast propelled an eight-foot wave at the peninsula. If it didn’t eliminate the remaining structures, the next day brought a blizzard.

With a whole menagerie of animals—carriage horses, camels, and “party time ponies,”—Fayetteville lights up its Christmas tree (and downtown) in festive Ozark style.

Hey there, I’m Wayne and a few years ago the lady who organizes the 2000 trees festival (I forgot her name now.. Do’h) came and volunteered at the children’s ...

When Captain James Cook visited Easter in 1774, he saw no trees taller than about 10 feet. Today, small stands of trees like these palms at Anakena, as well as several large eucalyptus plantations, can be found on the island. Enlarge Photo credit: © Brenden Kootsey

The evidence that it is man-made is equally vast. This comes primarily from thousands of deep ice-core samples that show historical levels of various gases in the atmosphere. You also have evidence from tree-ring growth which is correlated with the ice core data. Tree ring data comes from very long-lived trees including Red Wood, Sequoia, and Bristlecone Pine. Ice doesn’t care about politics and neither do trees. The data is what it is. You can certainly debate the best course of action because not everything is equally practical or effective, but angry denial is surely the least effective of all.

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A timely article Paul, I’m off work next week and will certainly be spending several days out in the woods. I remember being on my fundamental Bushcraft course, although it was mid April spring hadn’t really sprung and it was quite difficult as a novice to ID the trees we needed to know about. We’re all much more familiar with our trees in summer when the leaves are out. I’ll take a printed copy out with me and see if I can learn to recognise any ‘new’ trees and check on what I think I already know.

Paul Nova Trees Without LeavesPaul Nova Trees Without LeavesPaul Nova Trees Without LeavesPaul Nova Trees Without Leaves