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These obituaries appeared in the Antelope Valley Press
Saturday, December 30, 2017

This unlikely yet perfectly timed moment, although occurring more than three decades ago, remains forever etched in my memory as one of my all-time favorite Fred Bear recollections. This was not only a twinkling in time that my young bowhunting friend would forever treasure, it was an instant that I would come to discover was typical of one man who arguably did more to popularize bowhunting than any other single individual living in the 20th century. Fred Bear – gifted draftsman and designer, talented archer and compassionate hunter, consummate storyteller, tireless promoter and eloquent spokesman for all hunting – introduced millions to archery and to bowhunting. Perhaps more importantly, he inspired them – by personal example and the friendly radiance of his familiar toothy smile – to follow in his size 13 footsteps and enter the wondrous and challenging outdoor world he knew and loved.

While Major Frye’s After Waterloo provides a transition in genre from the military accounts to the reports of curious tourists, John Waldie’s diary, as the source for both Jane and Charlotte, is the first civilian eye-witness to record the events in Brussels and the battlefields. Waldie kept notes of his discussions with both citizens and soldiers during the confusion. He relates the fear and anxiety in response to the news of Brunswick’s death and the report that the Prussian army had been defeated. He writes, too, of the wagonloads of the wounded and dead. His stark account of these events is twice transcribed from the original journal entries: one, a neatly copied and stylistically corrected version in the eleven-volume “Journal of Travels” prepared for his library; the other, a literary rendition rhetorically amplified with appropriate quotations, inserted dialogue, and dramatic exclamations. Among dozens of passages inserted in the transcription, the following MS fragment comments on the mass cremation and burial of the fallen soldiers:

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Walter Bolen Lion HuntWalter Bolen Lion Hunt