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There was a recent attempt at an Intrepid -style refit of this class; along with an altered hull color scheme, the prototype featured variable-geometry warp nacelles - each shorter engine containing fewer (but more advanced) warp coils. As was found with the retrofitted Excelsior Class starship . Lakota , performance was greatly improved, but was prohibitively expensive - it would use more resources to retrofit a good number of Andromeda Class starships than it would to create the same number of Intrepid Class es , already in production. 

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This website also serves as an archive for three official Andromeda websites that no longer exist: All Systems University , Andromeda Ascendant , and Seamus Harper's website . Searching the Internet archives as well as assistance from fellow fans has allowed us to preserve those websites for the future.

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A major theme of this season is the unification of the Andromeda Ascendant 's new crew. Dylan Hunt 's new crew does not really believe or value in the ideas and philosophy of the New Systems Commonwealth , and they join him only for personal gain. To their surprise, they find that having something to fight for is fulfilling. They like the idea so much, that Beka , Dylan's first officer, even promises to continue his mission if he dies.

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