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So come play Shadow Hills Golf Club and experience some of the most beautiful landscape the California desert has to offer.

From Middle English schadowe , schadewe , schadwe (also schade > shade), from Old English sceaduwe , sceadwe , oblique form of sceadu (“shadow, shade; darkness; protection"), from Proto-Germanic *skadwaz (“shade, shadow"), from Proto-Indo-European *skot- (“darkness"). Cognate with Scots scaddow , schaddow (“shadow"), Saterland Frisian Skaad (“shade, shadow"), Dutch schaduw (“shadow"), German Schatten (“shadow, shade"), Norwegian skodde (“fog, mist"), Irish scáth (“shadow"), Ancient Greek σκότος (skótos, “darkness, gloom").

Because of the great effort involved in writing two full-length novels every month, several guest writers were hired to write occasional installments in order to lighten Gibson's workload. These guest writers included Lester Dent , who also wrote the Doc Savage stories, and Theodore Tinsley . In the late 1940s, mystery novelist Bruce Elliott (also a magician) would temporarily replace Gibson as the primary author of the pulp series. [8] Richard Wormser , a reader for Street & Smith, wrote two Shadow stories. [9]

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