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As time goes by, this page will list the dances we've learnt and the music we've danced them to.  Click on a dance name below to link straight to the stepsheet.

!!! Die unten benutzten Farben bedeuten !!! NC = Non Country: C = Country: Wh = Wiederholt: New. = Beginner: Nov.= Fortgeschrittene-Beg inner

Altogether, Elisabeth has participated in the Swedish Melodifestivalen , Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix and the Eurovision Song Contest fourteen times, plus two as presenter.

Following their win, the single "La det swinge" peaked at #1 in the Norwegian and Belgian singles chart, and entered the charts in Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, United Kingdom to name a few.

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Bobbysocks Walkin On AirBobbysocks Walkin On AirBobbysocks Walkin On AirBobbysocks Walkin On Air